Statistics Day 2011

Available here are the resources from the workshops that were held in the 2011 Statistics day. Thank you to everyone who has produced and shared their work.

Bootstrapping and Randomisation:

These are two fairly new concepts which are being introduced into the curriculum. The University of Auckland has produced the following powerpoints to help teachers become familiar with the two topics.

An introduction to Bootstrapping

An introduction to Randomisation



The links below contain resources put together by Marion Steele (Epsom girls).

Simulation Resources

Games suitable for simulations


Inference Resources:

The links below contain resources put together by Lindsay Smith.

Data files



Experimental design:

A powerpoint put together by James Curran from the University of Auckland.

Experimental design


Statistically based reports:

A powerpoint produced by somebody (let me know if anyone knows so credit can be given)

Talk back to statistics ppt



A powerpoint on Risk put together by Thomas Lumley from the University of Auckland.

Risk powerpoint


Probability and Risk:

A powerpoint on probability and risk put together by Lars Thomsen (Avondale College)

Probability and risk ppt


Genstat Resources:

An introduction to the Genstat software for use on bivariate data analysis and linear regression.

Genstat for Year 13

Acquiring Genstat for teaching and learning