AMA Events

HOD & Unit Holders Day

HOD and unit holders day, is a day for leaders of secondary mathematics and statistics education to catch up and connect with each other of attend workshops and hear from keynote speakers on topical themes. HOD and unit holders day takes place in May each year.

HOD and unit holders day 2021 is scheduled for May 21, with a change of venue to Vodafone Events Centre, Manukau

Saturday Morning Workshops

These run once a term in various locations around Auckland. Saturday mornings offer the opportunity for you to network with colleagues, hear from education leaders and share your stories at a workshop.

Term 2 Saturday morning will be held online June 19


Mathex is a challenging and fast-paced mathematics contest where schools from across Auckland compete against each other in teams to answer questions as quickly as possible. AMA run the Mathex competition for years 7 to 10 over two nights in August.


Statistics Day

A day of speakers and workshops for statistics teachers. Workshops cover statistics at all levels of the secondary school, with an emphasis on teaching the statistics curriculum.

This day is run in conjunction with the University of Auckland Department of Statistics at the end of November.

Mathematics & Calculus Day

A day of workshops and speakers for teachers of mathematics and calculus to connect and share ideas and resources. Workshops cover mathematics at all levels of secondary school with an emphasis on mathematics and calculus.

This day is held in late November with the support of Auckland University of Technology

Years 0 to 8

AMA support the teachers of students in years 0 to 8 through their events and the Networks of Expertise. We also support the Primary Mathematics Association seminar day which is held in March.

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Networks of Expertise

Network of Expertise [NEX] is a Ministry of Education funded professional development initiative that  seeks to grow and develop existing and new curriculum, teaching and learning networks.
Networks of Expertise supports subject associations and broader networks used by teachers and school leaders to support and improve their teaching practice. The focus is building teacher capability at school/kura and Kāhui Ako at regional and national levels.
The AMA contract two Kaiārahi through the Networks of Expertise to provide support in the Auckland region.

Your Regional Kaiārahi are

Marie Hirst, years 0 to 8
Robyn Headifen, years 7 to 13.