E hara taku toa, he takitahi, he toa takitini

Success does not come from the efforts of one alone, rather from the efforts of the collective.


After the overwhelming support for AMA’s first online event with teachers from across New Zealand and the Pacific joining in we have decided to continue.

If you would like to share your stories and expertise on a Saturday morning or at an evening session  get in touch 

Term 3 Saturday morning, September 12,  will be an online event
We are also offering evening sessions from 7:30pm to 8:20pm on a Wednesday or Thursday night.  A variety of topics will be shared based on feedback from teachers across sectors from years 0 to 13.

Registration will be required and your link to join the session will be sent the day prior.
Please triple check you email address that you submit as this is the address we use to send the link to. If you do not see the email with the link to join in your inbox please check you junk mail/spam folder and consider adding our email address to your contact list.


#AMAonline What’ s on?

Save the date. We abringing you another  online morning of professional development in 3 streams, Years 0-8, Years 7-10 and Years 11-13.

More information on session details …. 

Year 0 - 8 Discussion Forums

These discussion forums are for you to connect and share with your colleagues in other school. Each session will include a “spotlight” section where participants are encouraged to share something from their practice. eg a new approach, a resource, a success story from the classroom. You will be able to signal this when you register

  • Wednesday 19th August. Achieving an effective balanced mathematics and statistics programme
  • Wednesday 23rd September. Mathematics and statistics assessment – purpose, tools and queries
  • Wednesday 4th November. What might a mathematics and statistics year overview look like?


These discussion forums will be hosted by Marie Hirst, primary kaiārahi for AMA Networks of Expertise



#AMAonline What’s gone?

Mahuru | September 12: Term 3 Saturday Morning 

With 401 teachers from across Aotearoa registered, AMAonline brought you another morning packed full of professional learning.

Available resources and recordings from the morning are here for you to go back and browse 

and of course we love feedback – please share your feedback here




August 12: Creating a school where streaming is not necessary

In this session Francis shared his schools journey and the experiences of teachers and students on the impact removing streaming and changing the way they approach learning in Year 9 & 10.

Up until 2019, Inglewood High School (roll of 415) had a ‘traditional’ junior school programme where students were in core classes and they spent most of their time together with limited choice in which options they could do. They had a top stream Year 9 class and a top stream Year 10 class with the rest being mixed ability. Despite changes to programmes and expectations over the years, very little shift occurred to behaviours, results and work habits in these junior classes.

At the start of 2020, the school changed how Year 9 and 10 students worked at school. There are no streamed classes and the students do 12 modules over a year (six in semester 1 and six in semester 2). Students get to choose what modules they can do within predefined criteria related to learning areas. Students now don’t learn in core classes and each module they choose has the same contact hours per fortnight. Our goal is to increase student’s engagement and agency in classrooms and so far this year it seems as though we have managed to make progress towards this.



August 6: Telling the stories in data through exploring variation

In this session Anne shared ideas that we can take directly to the classroom as we unlock the stories contained in data with our students.

She showed us how to take advantage of readily available tools we can use to help us uncover the stories hidden in the data. These include

We looked at the value of repeated measures and process measures as ways to generate interest and explore variations. Watch out for the Moonhopper 

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July 30 Getting ready for mathsweek in years 0 to 8 with Marie Hirst

Mathsweek is on August 10 to 14: Register here for maths week

July 1: Weaving literacy and mathematics so all learners thrive

Thanks to everyone who registered and especially those that joined in with 2 days of term to go



June 13: Term 2 Saturday morning 

Click here to find links to session descriptions, handouts and links to the recordings