Who really wants to mark the CAT?

I would like the issue with the CAT standard to be brought up with the ministry.  I do not know how the other HOD’s are feeling  about marking the CAT standard. In my department, I know my staff and myself are not in favour of doing the marking ourselves. We don’t mind running the assessment but we would like to send the papers back to NZQA and NZQA can employ people to mark.
I am thinking of getting a letter draft out to be sent to NZQA to express our concerns about marking  the CAT standard ourselves.  Once the letter is done, I hope to forward to PPTA and hopefully they can support us.  I am very concerned about the stress we all are facing at the present time . We seem to be trying to cope with the new changes, assessing and marking etc. I truly think we all need to be united and refuse to mark the CAT standards.
If there are any HOD’s who feel the same way  and would like the copy of the letter once it is ready, I am happy to forward it to you.  I intend to get my staff to sign it before sending to NZQA.  However, it might be more effective to do it through the AMA??
I would like to hear some feedback on this issue from you if possible.

Irene Bennet

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