Awards for Teachers

Opportunities to get financial support to extend your professional practice or to get recognition for excellence in teaching mathematics and statistics.


AMA Scholarship

The Auckland Mathematical Association will award one scholarship annually to reimburse the fees paid to study a 15 point post graduate paper in mathematics, statistics, mathematics education or statistics education at any Auckland tertiary institution. Applications are in writing and usually due by 1 October of the year prior to the study being undertaken.

University of Auckland Fellowship

The successful candidate for this fellowship will spend one year in the university: lecturing, reading and reflecting on issues related to mathematics education; engaging in professional development of their choice; participating in public lectures; university outreach; university study; and linking with former students.  Call for applications from May the year prior to the fellowship.

Kalman Award

The Margaret and John Kalman Charitable Trust offer four teacher excellence prizes and five fellowships each year to secondary school mathematics teachers. The teacher excellence prizes are of monetary value and presented to the winning teachers at their senior prize-giving. The fellowship is a year-long programme designed to promote leadership within the mathematics teaching community.

Ernest Duncan Award

The Ernest Duncan award is an annual award available to teachers at any school in New Zealand (primary, intermediate and secondary).  The award is of monetary value and recognises an individual’s outstanding contribution to classroom teaching in mathematics and statistics.

Teach NZ

Teach NZ have a range of study awards, grants and sabbaticals to help teachers complete a qualification, take time off each week to study while teaching, or take time off to research a topic of interest.

Jim Campbell Award

The Jim Campbell award recognises personal excellence in primary or secondary classroom teaching and support given to others in enhancing their classroom teaching. Jim Campbell awards are  presented biennially at the NZAMT Conference. 


The ASG National Excellence in Teaching Awards is a community-centred awards programme that honours exemplary teaching in Australia and New Zealand. Six national recipients from New Zealand and 12 recipients from Australia are selected to receive the awards each year. Each recipient receives a trophy and a $5,000 professional development grant.  Nominations open in July each year.

Judy Paterson Scholarship

The scholarship was established in 2014 in recognition of the contribution made by Dr Judy Paterson to mathematics education and especially her work with secondary school mathematics teachers in the Auckland region.
The main purpose of the scholarship is to support graduate level professional development for a teacher from a decile 1 or 2 school in the wider Auckland region.

Prime Ministers Science Prize

This prize is worth $150,000. The prize will be awarded to a registered primary, intermediate or secondary school teacher who is teaching science, mathematics, technology, pūtaiao, hangarau or pāngarau learning areas of the New Zealand curriculum. Teachers must be teaching in a registered New Zealand school.