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Mathex is a challenging and fast-paced mathematics contest where teams of four students compete against each other to answer questions as quickly as possible. AMA run the Mathex competition for years 7 to 10 over two nights in August.


Mathsweek is New Zealand’s premier online maths event attracting an audience of over 250 000 students teachers and parents. Mathsweek takes place in August each year.


This is a team competition for students of year 13 calculus. Calcex is held at venues across New Zealand in the last week of term 3. It is the brainchild of Jamie Sneddon.


Junior Mathematics Competition

This competition is for students in years 9 to 11 and was initiated in 1985 by Professor Derek Holton of the University of Otago Mathematics and Statistics Department. The competition attracts around 10 000 entries from 250 schools each year. It takes place on the same day across New Zealand.

Auckland Mathematical Olympiad

The University of Auckland, Department of Mathematics, runs the annual Auckland Mathematical Olympiad. It is open to Auckland high school students only. The competition is a two-hour assessment of 10 questions. Top scorers in the Auckland event may be invited to participate in the national competition.


IMMC promotes the teaching of mathematical modeling and applications at all educational levels for all students. It is based on the belief that students and teachers need to experience the power of mathematics to help better understand, analyse and solve real world problems outside of mathematics itself.

Problem Challenge

Problem Challenge is a mathematics problem solving competition aimed primarily at children in years 7 and 8. Children participating in the competition attempt to answer five questions in 30 minutes on each of five problem sheets, which are done about a month apart starting in April. 


The New Zealand Maths Olympiad Committee run regular workshops for students teachers and parents to get involved in doing maths problems on the North Shore, Central City and in East Auckland.

Australian Mathematics Competition

The AMC is an engaging 30-problem competition that demonstrates the importance and relevance of mathematics in students’ everyday lives. The AMC has had more than 15 million entries since 1978 with students from 30+ countries attempting the same problems each year. Held in term 3, the AMC has five divisions: Middle Primary (years 3–4), Upper Primary (years 5–6), Junior (years 7–8), Intermediate (years 9–10) and Senior (years 11–12). The AMC is available in both printed and online format.

Casio Senior Mathematics Competition

The Casio Victoria University Senior Mathematics Competition is open to year 12 or 13 students studying full time in a New Zealand secondary school. They must be 19 or under on 1st July in the year of entry.  This is an important competition as it not only allows us to recognise the top mathematicians but also allows top students, from all regions, to meet and share ideas.