IMMC provides students with a deeper experience both of how mathematics can explain our world and what working with mathematics can look like.

Real problems require a mix of different kinds of mathematics for their analysis and solution. Real problems take time and teamwork.


New Zealand teams have regularly been given honourable mentions during the history of the challenge.

In 2021 Mt Roskill Grammar was one of six teams to be awarded Meritorious.

In 2019 Manurewa High School represented New Zealand and were one of the five international award winners.

You can watch a clip from the Manurewa High School team on the Seven Sharp Facebook page.

Their problem was related to the earths carrying capacity ie how many people can fit on the planet



New Zealand will again be participating in the International Mathematical Modelling Challenge for 2022 which runs from March 7 through to early May.

Each country can enter two teams of up to 4 students. Students need  five consecutive days to work together on their problem between March 7 and April 24th

If you would like to enter a team into this competition please send your expression of interest to Kerri Spooner by Monday 28t February, please include the name of the teacher who will be overseeing the team and the nominated dates 


View sample and past problems

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