This post contains numeracy release information up to May 25 2023

What’s new for NCEA in general can be found here

If you wish to see what the numeracy CAA looks like online you may access at this link . Choose Numeracy and Level 1 and follow the on screen  prompts. Note before trying to log on

  • Ākonga may login using their NSN number and a verification code. Teachers check with your PN.
  • Kaiako may get login details from your PN. You need the Provider login for schools






Numeracy represents foundational learning at Level 4/5 of the curriculum ie confident at level 4 and ready for level 5 across all strands

About NCEA Numeracy 

From 2023, to gain an NCEA qualification, ākonga must pass the Numeracy standard US32406: Use mathematics and statistics to meet the numeracy demands of a range of situations or the Pāngarau standard US32412, Te whakamahi pāngarau me te tauanga hei whakatutuki i ngā hiahia pāngarau o ngā pūāhua whai take.

The Numeracy standard requires ākonga to master the mathematics and statistics content ideas at Level 4 of the New Zealand Curriculum AND interweave these content ideas with mathematical and statistical process ideas.

  Click here to view/download the Numeracy learning matrix, the unpacking document and a document explaining NCEA numeracy for students

Accessing a sample paper on the digital platform 

The CAA’s associated documents may be found under the assessment TAB 

If you are not a pilot school you may access a sample paper in the digital platform at this link .

Choose Numeracy and Level 1 and follow the on screen  prompts

You made need to check with your PN to gain access as a teacher and for the verification code, enrolled students may use their NSN number


We held an online discussion in November 2021 with some of the pilot schools sharing their journey to that point.

  • A few pilot schools shared their experience with the 2021 pilot last November. You can see the notes in the Numeracy discussion folder at this link. Also at that link is questions and answers about Numeracy from NZAMT events. This was a point in time and not official information however we found the discussion valuable



Tools to help you assess readiness
  • Curriculum elaborations (Judgment)
  • Learning progression Frameworks and PACT (Judgment)
    The Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT) has updated functionality to help kaiako gauge whether learners are ready for the new standards.
    For more support, you can access online resources and PLD on the curriculum progress tools support page, speak to experts in your school support networks, or speak with your education advisor about accessing regionally allocated PLD.
  • The Assessment Resource Banks
  • Pathways Awarua available for all secondary schools to use free of charge
    Pathways Awarua includes interactive and contextualised reading, writing and numeracy modules, levelled where applicable to The New Zealand Curriculum
  • PAT (diagnostic)
  • e-asTTle (diagnostic)



Numeracy pedagogical guides for other learning areas

The Ministry are currently providing guidance on how numeracy might be included in other learning areas. There are currently 6 guides and more will be added over 2022

Share the guides with your colleagues so they may support our rangatahi in becoming numerate

Guides have also been written for literacy on the new NCEA site.



Resources for the teaching of  mathematics and statistics



Teacher only day material from 2021

4 teacher only days have been held  so far and much of the information is still available through the Learning Managements system. Login as a guest to view modules


Questions and answers and discussion documents from 2021 . note this information was a point in time and things are evolving as a result of the pilot process



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