This week the Numeracy CAA was shared on the Assessment tab of the Numeracy section of the NCEA website  and the Te Aromatawai tab for Pāngarau


Available at those links:

  • The report for the June CAA
  • The redacted version of the June CAA

The unredacted version is available to schools via their secure MyNZQA login under Assessment materials. If you do not have this see your  Principal’s Nominee [PN] and they should be able to help you.


Results from the pilots and the June assessment are here. More than 33 000 students participated in the June Numeracy assessment of which 70% were from Year 10. 56% achieved.

These results should be read with caution as many schools are still trialing their processes around the CAA’s.


Online practice 

You and your students may also use the past digital exam portal,to access both the September 2022 and the June 2023 (unredacted) exams.

Choose  Numeracy and Level 1  & follow the links  [Numeracy & Pāngarau are at the bottom of the list]

This allows your ākonga to practice in “real time”


Resource Spotlight : Strengthening numeracy across the curriculum

Support materials for Term 4 Teacher only days have been released. You can find them here.
Shared at that link is an activity guide which highlights where numeracy can be planned for or “called out” in the different learning areas [Pages 9-42].
The Numeracy Pedagogical guides and Numeracy Enhanced plans are also revisited in that guide.
We hope you find these resources useful as you strengthen numeracy practice across your school.

2024 dates

There will be 2 opportunities for our ākonga to sit their numeracy and literacy in 2024.
Term 2: 20 – 31 May
Term 3: 9 – 20 September

In 2025 there is likely to be a third assessment opportunity


Past numeracy information is here 

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