Term 2 Saturday Morning June 29th : “I can’t wait to get to maths” for  Years 7-10

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A Block. Faculty of Education & Social work, University of Auckland, Epsom Campus.

The plan:

8:30am:  Registration and networking

9:00am  “Soapbox” session, J1 Lecture theatre. A selection of speakers on various topics

10:00am : Workshop 1

11:30 am : Morning Tea and networking

11: 35 am: Workshop 2

12.35 pm: Finish & safe travels home

Workshop Options Session 1. 10am -11am

1A. A day with Jo Boaler revisited. Gayle Ledger & Megan Clune

This workshop will focus on the key aspects of Professor Jo Boaler’s ‘mathematical freedom’ as seen in her recent visit to NZ. The workshop will explore these ideas through hands-on tasks and discussions, as shared by Professor Boaler herself, the content of which presents a holistic view of learning mathematics. The focus is for teachers of year 7-10 learners.

1B. Exploiting the benefits of technology for maths & stats. Jared Hockly

Jared was the University Teaching Fellow in 2018 and is currently a Kalman fellow and collaborating on projects with the 4 other Klaman Fellows. The projects’ theme ‘How can technology be exploited for the benefit of mathematics teaching and learning’.” In this session, you will look at some coding tasks, so bring a laptop. The tasks are set in the free web-based programming world of “Scratch”. From never coded, to good coding skills; from haven’t tried to use coding in maths lessons, to using it often in classes – you should find something worthwhile from this session.

1C: What could Mathematical Modelling Look like in your classroom (1)? Kerri Spooner.

This workshop is a self-initiated consultation process with mathematics teachers concerning what they think mathematical modelling could look like in their classrooms. To start the discussion of what could be possible at secondary school, the modelling behaviours of a New Zealand real world modelling team and the potential authentic mathematical modelling behaviours of a secondary school student will be presented. I am hoping to build research around this project

Workshop Options Session 2 11:35 – 12:35

2A. Sweet As, Kia Ora and Welcome to New Zealand. Lucy Edmonds & Lola Le Grange

With the current influx of overseas trained teachers into New Zealand – we put together a one-stop-shop of helpful information which will be both useful and practical to both the new teachers and the staff welcoming them into their departments. We are presenting a workshop describing Lola’s immersion into New Zealand teaching culture and how best to help OTTs assimilate into teaching and thriving in New Zealand.

2B Flipgrid and forms. Subash Chandar K

This workshop will have two parts, during the first half we will explore the use of Flipgrid and Microsoft Forms to amplify student’s voice.

Flipgrid is the leading video discussion platform for educators, students, and families. You will learn how to create a Grid community for your classroom and school.

The second half of this workshop will focus on using Microsoft Forms for Quizzes. Please bring a laptop to this session. Office 365 is useful for Forms. Flipgrid is free.

Please note: Download the Flipgrid App to your device before the workshop

2C What could Mathematical Modelling Look like in your classroom (2)? Kerri Spooner.

This workshop is part of a self-initiated consultation process with Mathematics teachers concerning what they think mathematical modelling could look like in their classrooms. This session is discussion session seeking feedback from mathematics educators about what they think is possible in their classrooms if there was curriculum support. What does mathematical modelling look like for you? What mathematical modelling activities do we currently do in our classrooms? What further activities are possible to develop authentic modelling behaviours in your classroom? What are the challenges? What support is needed? I am hoping to build a research outside of this project.


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