2019 MCAT

September is MCAT Month – as we start the final countdown to MCAT week it might be timely to revisit some of the resources available to teachers and students.

Senior Secondary Guides – these clarify the Achievement objectives and earlier in the year we looked at the documents that NZAMT produced to help clarify requirements in particular AO 6.5.

The 2017 resource is still current and available as a zip file on the NZQA Maths & Stats home page.  Also on that page you will find

  • Assessment specifications
  • the past few years papers, schedules and exemplars of student responses &
  • the standard

Other resources that might be of use as students revise include

  • Youtube channels – Subash and his Infinityplus one  seems to have the jump on us when i search 91027.
  • LearnCoach. This still appears to be free but registration is required to access all the videos
  • StudyIt has also had a makeover
  • Youcubed has a mindset algebra section with investigations that you might file now for 2020

and from learning to learn – why it is important to get good nights sleep to improve memory

Recent Resources

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Calcex 2019 – Tuesday 24th September

Calcex now in its 3rd year has 49 teams from 28 schools competing across Auckland in Gisborne and Manawatu –  its not too late to enter a team  or host a competition

Calcex questions are drawn from L3 calculus  and teams compete locally at a host school.  Read more 


Prime Ministers Science teachers prize …includes maths & stats teachers

Maths & Stats teachers are a talented lot
Want an extra $50 000 for yourself and $100 000 for your  school?

  Read more

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NZAMT 16 October 1-4

NZAMT 16 has concluded. Workshop resources may be found here

NZAMT 17 will be held in Taranaki 2021