Interntational Mathematical Modelling Competition 2016

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New Zealand has been invited to participate in the International Mathematical Modelling Challenge  to be held March 16 2016 – May 9 2016.

I have agreed to be the contact for New Zealand.


Each country can have up to two teams consisting of four enrolled secondary school students and one teacher/faculty advisor. The contest will begin in mid-March and end on early-May. During that time teams choose five (5) consecutive days to work together on the problem.


Attached is the information sheet containing last year’s problem.


I am looking for schools who wish to participate.


As this is the first time NZ is taking part, the teams to be participate will be on a first come basis. All that is needed at this stage is an expression of interest  to Kerri Spooner (Enable Javascript to see the email address)  (Enable Javascript to see the email address) by 7th Feb 2016 from the teacher wishing to oversee a team from their school.