90% of the worlds data has been created in the last 2 years, which means our lives and the lives of our students are filled with data. All students should leave school being able to make sense of data, be critical in what they see and be able to separate fact from fiction.

As educators how can we support our young people/ rangatahi to be critically literate and enabled by information rather than dis-empowered?

Join an online panel discussion hosted by Alana Madgwick from Educatalysts in which Dr. Susan Sandretto (University of Otago), Kaumatua Dr. Mike Paki, Director of Paki & Associates and teachers implementing critical literacy in their classrooms will discuss the value of critical literacy and how we should teach critical literacy in every classroom in every school/ kura in Aotearoa.

Dr. Susan Sandretto  is an Associate Professor  at the University of Otago and author of the book, Planting Seeds: Embedding Critical Literacy into your classroom programmes (NZCER, 2011).

Kaumatua Dr. Mike Paki is Director of Paki & Associates and a cultural and educational consultant who works with educational institutions to embed Iwi-centric ways of being, doing and knowing within their systems of teaching and learning.

When: June 25th, 7pm

Where: on ZOOM

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