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June 2nd 7:30PM Lessons from lockdown, rethinkng business as usual in secondary schools

Claire Amos (Principal Albany Senior High School) and Louise Addison (Principal Edgewater College) will discuss the key lessons emerging from the lockdown period for their teachers, students and parents and how they are utilising what they’ve learned to rethink business as usual at their schools.

June 23rd 7:30PM Shifting the focus from change to improvement

Join Distinguished Professor Viviane Robinson, an expert in school leadership and school improvement, as she discusses her recent book Reduce Change to Increase Improvement ( Corwin, 2018). The book helps leaders to interrupt a relentless focus on change and move to a more productive focus on gaining and sustaining improvement.

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if you missed the panel discussion from Dr Melanie Riwai-Couch, Tufulasi Taleni and Ally Bull, authors of a recent report:School led learning at home, voices of Māori and Pasifika parents You can watch the Education Hub webinar here and read a short article from Dr Nina Hood where she shares the insights from the panel discussion here

During the discussion the authors shared how school-led learning at home is conceptualised and the experiences of Māori and Pasifika families after the first week of school closures. The discussed what we can learn from the past weeks about the value of home-school partnerships and what this means for schools moving forward.

Dr Melanie Riwai-Couch also shared as part of the BOMA Education week in early May. You can watch here

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