UPDATED: April 5
  • Just in Time Maths for years 4 to 8
  • Hybrid learning support
  • NCEA implementation
  • Regionally allocated PLD
  • Home learning packs
Just-In-Time Maths Maths support for teachers of Years 4 to 8

Applications for Just-In-Time Maths PLD support close this Thursday 7 April.

Teachers of learners in Years 4-8 are eligible to participate in this PLD and you can nominate up to two teachers to receive this support. Your school’s PLD Leader (with the corresponding PLD lead permissions in ESL) will be able to submit an application for your school.

Application outcomes will be notified to schools and kura in the first week of Term 2. PLD delivery is scheduled to begin in Term 2 and run until the end of Term 4.

For further key dates and information about this PLD support and access to the application form, visit the PLD website.

Just-In-Time Maths PLD support – Professional Learning and Development

THis is based on the Just-in-Time-Maths pilot from 2021. You can find resources from the pilot on nzmaths at this link 



25 Hours PLD hybrid learning support for schools and kura

Schools and kura may apply for 25 hours support to help prepare for hybrid teaching and learning or contingency planning under the “red” level

The application process has been streamlined and no reporting is required


Your school or kura is still able to access up to 25 hours of PLD support to develop understanding, processes and resources that support quality learning for all ākonga regardless of whether they are in school or learning from home.

Due to the success of the initiative in responding to the immediate needs of schools and kura and the continued COVID-19 landscape, the 25 hours of hybrid learning PLD support will continue to be available throughout 2022 or until such time as it is no longer needed. 

Our intention is that this support will be given to any school or kura that requires assistance delivering hybrid teaching and learning and/or contingency planning, regardless of any existing PLD allocations. For those schools or kura who have a valid need for the extra PLD support, it could include receiving more than one round of 25 hours PLD.

We are happy to support cluster/Kāhui Ako applications to reduce the administration processes for schools – for example, you might submit one application to spread 125 hours of the PLD across five schools.

Contact your Te Mahau PLD team to discuss your request for support. You can find detailed instructions for the application process on the PLD website.

Hybrid learning PLD support – Professional Learning & Development



NCEA implementation support

The MOE would like to encourage schools, or clusters of schools, to apply for Regionally Allocated PLD to support the implementation of NCEA changes in their schools –

Application should be made through the PLD website under the ‘Local Curriculum Design’ priority.



Learning from Home packs 

The Ministry has put together new learning packs for different year levels, [years 1-3; years 4-6, years 7 & 8 and Years 9 & 10]

The Learning from Home packs are designed to support learning against rich curriculum themes, drawing on a range of bicultural and multi-cultural contexts. They demonstrate progression in learning across several year groupings, covering multiple curriculum areas, including literacy and numeracy

The initial packs have activities and tasks for 5 days which may compliment your existing programmes

Have a browse here https://learningfromhome.govt.nz/2022-learning-packs


Regionally allocated PLD 

The deadline for applying for regionally allocate PLD has been extended until February 25


Regionally-allocated PLD must align with one or more of the PLD priorities.

There are seven  PLD priorities that underpin regionally-allocated PLD. These new priorities support teachers and kaiako to provide more responsive and rich learning experiences for all ākonga and students.

The new priorities for English medium settings are:

  • cultural capability
  • local curriculum design
  • assessment for learning.

The new priorities for Māori medium and te reo Māori settings are:

  • mātauranga Māori and te reo Māori
  • marau ā-kura
  • aromatawai.

Digital fluency remains a priority in all settings.



Ministry funded workshops for PCT’s, Overseas trained teachers and mentors

These are offered through Otago University, enrollment is free

Have a browse here for dates and times

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