On this day in 1930 Phar Lap won the Melbourne Cup. Phar Lap  remains the shortest-priced favourite in Cup history, winning in 1930 at odds of 8-11.

The refreshed mathematics and statistics curriculum; your questions answered. Fiona Ell and Pania Te Maro

In this session, Pania and Fiona will answer your questions about the refreshed mathematics and statistics curriculum, and raise a few questions of their own. Find out what they think are the big messages and key changes in the refreshed document,

Download  the refreshed curriculum here 

Watch a recording of Fiona & Pania’s session



Years 1 to 8 Years 7 to 10
11am open the question – open the possibilities

Rob Profitt White


Engendering a love of maths
Part 3
Teaching and learning strategies 
Brad BridgesSlide deckWebsiteRecording
Level 1 course planning; unstreamed, themed and assessment in the flow

Sally van Praag

Slide deck


12pm Engaging students in productive struggle

Sonja He

Slide deck




Financial Literacy in the middle years

Claire Bailey 

Sorted in schools

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#AMAonline in action

  • Halley Kondamudi
  • Matt Johnson




If you would like to share something you have tried after taking part in an AMAonline session we would love to hear from you.

Email us at kaiarahi@aucklandmaths.org.nz



open the question – open the possibilities : Rob Profitt-White, The Learner First

“A certain type of question leads to a certain type of thinking” We will look at the process of design and delivery that NE to 8 teachers are using to implement open exploratory tasks into their day to teaching. High impact routines that allow the Knows and Dos to be taught through a common practice model.


Engendering a love of maths Part 3: Teaching and Learning : Brad Bridges St Peters College, Auckland

In this session Brad will complete his 3 part series focussing on the teaching and learning strategies  they implemented at St Peters College.

If you missed Brads other sessions you can catch up on Part 1 here and Part 2 here 

Link to Brad’s website


NCEA  Level 1 course planning; unstreamed, themed and assessment in the flow : Sally van Praag, Albany Senior HS 

Level 1 mathematics and statistics at Albany Senior HS weaves the core strands together offering students the opportunity to work together to solve problems in relevant contexts as they develop their thinking skills while building specialist knowledge in mathematics and statistics.



Engaging students in productive struggle : Sonja He, Cognition Education

Do some of your students tend give up before they have even tried?

In this workshop we will be exploring the use of productive struggle in mathematics and how we can use this to engage our ākonga; explore the how and why of involving students in challenging mathematical problems; and discover how we can use productive struggle to foster resiliency and develop mathematical identities.


Teaching financial capability in year 9 & 10 Mathematics : Claire Bailey, Sorted in Schools

Are you interested in teaching financial capability to year 9 & 10 students in Mathematics?

Sorted in Schools offers free resources for New Zealand schools which are aligned to the NZ curriculum. In this presentation,

I will discuss the importance of financial capability education and give you an overview of the Sorted in Schools programme. I will introduce you to some free resources which you can start using in your classroom right away. The resources will cover topics such as investing, taxation, saving and managing money.



AMAonline in action 

In this session two teachers will share how they implemented an idea they got from a previous AMAonline session with their students

Halley Kondamudi , Western Springs College. Applying a maths investigation cycle to investigate  Triangle ladders, from The Model shop  inspired by  Tim Erickson   AMAonline T3: Resources and recordings

Matt Johnson, Te Atatu Intermediate School, Weetbix cards inspired by a session by Dr Pip Arnold


AMAonline in action is something we would like to continue in 2024. If you have tried something that you were inspired by through taking part in AMAonline we would love to hear from you. We hope to have two or three teachers share in a session approx 10 -15 minutes each. email Robyn at aklmathsnoe@gmail.com


Image credit: Phar Lap portrait, 1931 (Alexander Turnbull Library, B-165-001)
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