It was great to get together in person again for a day of learning at both maths and stats teachers day. A huge thanks to presenters for sharing their expertise with us, also to our loyal trade supporters for their generous support of teachers with their spot prizes.

Resources from the days are being posted on the respective websites as they are shared with us.

Maths teachers Day, December 1, Auckland University of Technology 

To view the resources goto the resources page of our Maths day Website  Mathematics and Calculus teachers day

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Our opening speaker was Tim Erikson from eeps media, author of Get it Together and more recently, The Model Shop. View a sample

Tim did not disappoint, his presentation was entertaining, stimulating and gave us a lot to think about.

Before his talk, I couldn’t see how Codap was relevant to teaching topics other than stats. Now I can’t wait to use it in so many ways!!!

engaging and funny and gave me some ideas for how to make my lessons more rich



Statistics teachers day December 2, University of Auckland

To view the programme and resources goto the Stats teachers day website Statistics teachers day December 2 : University of Auckland, City Campus

Charlotte jane Todd was the opening speaker for stats teachers day. Charlotte is a lecturer at the university of Auckland and  shared her current research which aims to help better understand how events cluster in time and space. Her work will help explain the underlying mechanisms behind real-world phenomena such as tweets going viral, neighbourhood crime waves, and earthquake aftershocks.








image credit  Clark Tibbs on Unsplash
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