A fantastic turnout of teams and a keenly fought competition by all who took part. Well done everyone.

Thanks to everyone who helped get the students ready and contributed to the smooth running on the night.

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1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 
Year 10  Auckland Grammar School

Yu-Jui Chu

Minu Park

Boning Dai

Qiulin Yu

St Kentigern College

Daniel Xian

Alan Chen

Oscar Prestidge

Max Liu

Macleans College A

Jay Zhao

Alston Yam

Chenyou Song

Bruce Zhang

Year 9 Macleans College A

Hugo Zheng

Richard Tao

Wesley Lau

Lawrence Wen

Macleans College B 

Rosie Yang

Wilson Liang

Emily Chan

Cherry Lee

ACG PArnell

Eason Ye

Victor Tai

Joshua Mu

Jeremy Song


1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 
Year 8  ACG Parnell A

Peter Zhou

Aiden Chung

Steve Wu

Andrew Zhang

Bucklands Beach Int

Matthew Kim

David Li

Joesephine Chung

Jens Zhao

Remuera A

Lachie Turbott

James Turnball

Alex Shan

Kingston Jones

Year 7 ACG Parnell A

Gavin Xin

Nancy Sun

Olivia He

Samuel Cao

Northcross Intermediate B 

Roy Deng

Gary Yuan

Karry Kong

Andy Yang

Kings A

Elvin Chen

Jack Chen

Alejandro Gollop

Daniel Wu

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