All face to face workshops run by NZMOC have been moved online.

The next workshop will be held this Monday the 1st of June 6pm-8pm, on Discord. Discord is the online server.

To take part in the online workshop goto the NZMOC website and download the June problem sheet , have a go at the problems then join Discord at 6pm on June 1 by clicking here

NZMO Round One 

Round One of NZMO will be held between June 20 and July 28 2020.  NZMO1 consists of a take home exam (a set of 8 problems).

The problems will be release on 20th June.

Solutions are to be submitted by 28th July.

Participation in the NZMO1 is open to any intermediate or secondary student currently enrolled a New Zealand education school. If you are uncertain about your eligibility please contact Dr Ross Atkins, before submitting solutions.

The NZMO1 submission i made at All solutions and partial solutions should be submitted as a single document in pdf format.
Please complete the submission form carefully, especially your contact details. If you have any difficulties with the submission form, contact Dr Ross Atkins,

NZMO Round Two

Round Two, the NZMO2 is a three hour exam in September. Participation in the NZMO2 is by invitation only. Invitations will be made based on the results of round one, NZMO1.

More information can be found on the NZMOC website

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