UPDATE: August online workshop is happening on August 6 on the Discord server. Remember to download the August problems and have a go at them before the workshop to get the most out of the session. Logon to Discord here 

The New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad (NZMO) released the problems for the first round of the NZMO this week

Round 1 a set of 8 problems done at home and submitted to the NZMO via their website by 28th July.

Any New Zealand intermediate or secondary level student can take part in round 1. Download the problems and share with your students even if they do not wish to take part in the olympiad.

What happens next?

From round 1 submissions the NZMO committee invite students to participate in round 2. Round 2 is a three hour exam.  This takes place in September.

After round two; 25 students are invited to participate in the NZMOC training camp. The camp will be held at the University of Auckland in January 2021. The training camp is the first step in the selection process to choose the team of six students to represent New Zealand at the 2021 International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

More details can be found on the NZMO website

The International Mathematics Olympiad  

The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the World Championship Mathematics Competition for High School students and is held annually in a different country. The 2020 IMO was to be held in St Petersburg, Russia during July.  Due to COVID-19 this will now be a virtual event .

The first IMO was held in 1959 in Romania, with 7 countries participating. Today students from all over the world take part in the IMO.

New Zealand has been sending a team to the IMO since 1988.

Last year (2019) William Han and Ishan Nath received bronze medals. Rick Han and Jonathan Leung received honourable mentions at the IMO

Our New Zealand IMO team for 2020 is

  • Hamish BaguleyWellington College
  • Phillip HanAuckland Grammar School
  • Rick HanMacleans College
  • Nathaniel Masfen-YanKing’s College
  • Ishan NathJohn Paul College
  • Ethan NgBurnside High School


You can find previous IMO problems and other information at the IMO website

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