The first in a 3 part blog series from NZARE highlighting popular pedagogical approaches in mathematics was published this week on Ipu kererū

In the first post, Judy Bailey focuses on using rich tasks and advocates for students engaging in working with rich tasks [problem solving] in order to learn maths rather than learning the maths to then solve problems.

She shares a four part approach to problem solving;  Launch, explore, summary, consolidate and discusses the importance of “struggle”

Read the full  blog here 

Judy also wrote a blog post entitled, Teaching mathematics creatively: Using problems and rich tasks after Jo Boaler’s visit to NZ in 2019


The second post in the series will discuss a  “Writing Workshop” approach to teaching writing. 

 Katrina McChesney, plans to bring together ideas shared in the Writing Workshop and problem-based mathematics teaching in the third post.

Keep an eye out for these upcoming posts


Header image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay
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