From Feb 1 new rules around resubmission for all standards come into effect.

Schools will only be allowed to offer a resubmission to students when a minor error prevents then gaining an Achieved grade.

The resubmission Myth buster sheet offers more insight and other things to think about

The Myths:



  • All grades can be accessed through a resubmission.
  • A resubmission must be offered to all students.
  • I can show students what they should fix up.
  • I can offer multiple resubmission opportunities.

The Facts

A resubmission:

  • can be offered to individually identified students to correct a minor error and gain the grade of Achieved, not Merit or Excellence
  • does not allow students to gain Merit or Excellence grades
  • should take place as soon as possible after the assessment has been completed
  • can be offered where the teacher judges the student should be capable of discovering and correcting the minor error by themselves.

It is the teacher(s) who decide which students who sit at the Not achieved/Achieved boundary are offered a resubmission

Read all the facts around resubmission here.

There are 8 other Mythbuster sheets to help separate fact from fiction.

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