Be part of Rocket Lab’s inaugural cohort of Rocket Lab Space Educators, a free professional development program for teachers and educators.
Applications close May 10 
Space Educators are a small group of classroom teachers who are already doing extraordinary things to inspire, inform, and involve young people in finding their place in space.
After completing training supported by Rocket Lab, teachers can become certified as a Rocket Lab Space Educator and are provided with resources to support their professional development, earn international recognition for their work, receive limited-edition Rocket Lab Space Educator merchandise and a unique mission patch.
If this is you, Rocket Lab wants to celebrate the work you’re doing and support you to share your impact on an international scale – with resources and rare insight into the work we do to make space accessible for all.
Rocket Lab Space Educator applications are now open on Rocket Lab’s website: and close on May 10


If you would prefer to simply subscribe to have your school become a Rocket lab Space Ambassador click here

Scroll down this link to see some of Rocket Lab’s lesson plans including,

  • Why do rockets fly?
  • Straw rockets
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