An awesome opportunity for teachers ( all year levels) awaits you from 21C Skills Lab
What: School to skies for teachers Edternship programme where you will get to experience the world of STEM, avionics and best of all the flight simulators with 39 other teachers.
When: 17-22 January 2021
Where: Whenuapai airbase
How much: The programme is free but you have to get yourself to Whenuapai Airbase in Auckland (some funding may be available for this)

Applications close October 30th:  Apply at this link


What have others done?

Jackie Brown from Mount Hutt College has been an Edtern. She wanted her students to be excited about maths and create pathways for them into the world of work. Her project had students working with local real estate agents and builders to design their Dream Home. They visited a section tp do a site measure ( area and perimeter) and then designed and costed a house with a deck and pool and one interior room with all its furniture.

See what other teachers have done as part of their Edternship journey here


More about Edternship Programmes for teachers

The Edternship  programme is part of 21C skills lab  which connects teachers with leading business people or other professionals to spark new learning for and build creative relationships between teachers, their students and business

The Edternship programme has three stages

  1. The five day experience in the business
  2. A six – eight week design and testing period back at school; and
  3.  Sharing learning at school and beyond, completed by Wrap-Up Day in either June or November.


In your  application you tell them who you want to design a learning experience for and why, and any particular industries or skills you are keen to explore.

You create a pitch statement or video, and provide indications of support from your students and school leader.

Download the teachers brochure and Read more 




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