The Government has announced changes to NCEA, which give students more time to prepare for end of year assessment and help manage the impact of the disruption COVID-19 has caused to schooling.

One of the immediate changes to affect mathematics & statistics teachers is the pushback of external exams. Examinations for NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship will now begin on 16 November instead of 6 November, and end on 9 December instead of 2 December. An updated examination timetable is available here.

New Mathematics & Statistics Dates :

  • Level 1: November 20th
  • Level 2: November 19th
  • Level 3 Statistics: November 18th & Scholarship statistics November 20th
  • Level 3 Calculus: November 23rd & Scholarship calculus November 16th

More information is available on the Ministry of Education website.

NZQA and the Ministry of Education are working with the education sector to consider how to address equity issues arising from the disruption to schooling caused by COVID-19.

NZQA and Universities New Zealand are also discussing whether there should be adjustments to the requirements for University Entrance, to recognise the disruption that has occurred.

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