This week on the web Anna Fergusson shared a post on her teaching statistics is awesome website clarifying some of the concepts around teaching statistics in Years 11-13. This is a must read for everyone involved in the teaching of statistics. Anna addesses common questions including

  • Can students use both the CL5 and CL6 rules when making a call?
  • Why can’t the CL5 rule be used with sample sizes bigger than 40?
  • How is the bootstrap confidence interval calculated?
  • Does the shape of the bootstrap distribution tell us anything about whether some values in a confidence interval are more likely to be the true value of the parameter?
  • Is a bootstrap confidence interval a 95% confidence interval?

Also on the topic of statistics I was introduced to the Ask Good Questions blog  Christine Franklin’s guest post using the context of Lizards and Ladybugs guides us through undertaking statistical investigations starting with younger children and working through the years. The post comes complete with a downloadable multivariate lizard data set.

Priscilla Allan reminded me of what a wonderful resource Mathigon is. Full of learning that would appeal to a wide range of students and teachers, and more.

For a quick overview of Mathigon you can watch the session Creativity and Story telling from NCTM 100 days of professional learning.

Priscilla has taken a student choice approach to our second lockdown with her Year 7 students. Have a look at her webpage.

This week Nina Hood from the Education hub was interviewed on Radio New Zealand about their report summarising the experiences of teachers, students and parents while learning at home during school closures.

Also  recently featured on the Education Hub

And if you are looking for resources to support the teaching of algebra and graphs 91027 & 91028 Stem Online offers a comprehensive resource to support Face to Face , blended and online learning with a new and simplified signup process.



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