This week we begin regular post gathering together some of the resources from the web.

Today we have chosen to highlight  3 New Zealand organisations that have developed teaching and learning resources for us that are aligned to the NZ Curriculum.

  • NZ transport agency (NZTA) reminded us about their resources for Level 1 and Level 2 inference. Included in whats available are data sets, assessment ideas, and suggestions for teaching. They have also a wonderful resource that links stopping distances with trigonometry as a focus for our Year 10 students.
  • Agrication, a partnership between NZ Young Farmers, Core Education and funding from Red Meat Profit partnership. The resources with a secondary mathematics and statistics focus include, Predicting Progeny (y9-10), Down on the Farm (y9-10) & Sheep Thrills for Rambo (L2 inference)
  • Sorted in Schools focusses on financial capability. Resources come with both cross curricular and single subject focus. The resources are aligned to both the NZ curriculum and Te Mauratanga o Aotearoa in te reo Māori and english.

Enjoy using these resources and let us know how they went, it would be great to add to this post with some classroom stories and also feedback to the creators

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