The University of Auckland, Women in Engineering Outreach Program introduces high school students to the wide range of exciting opportunities in engineering.

They do this mainly by visiting schools and providing free one hour workshops run by 3-4 current engineering students. The workshops start with a short presentation followed by a hands-on activity. Up to 30 students can be accommodated in a workshop.

The activities cover senior curriculums in both physics and calculus. This opportunity is open to female students studying physics and/or mathematics (with calculus) in Year 12 or 13.

The women in engineering group also visit junior, co-ed classrooms and clubs or student groups with at least 50% girls present.

As well as offering in school workshops the Women in Engineering also offer tutors who work with your students to revise content, prepare for upcoming assessments

If you would like to discuss how Women in Engineering outreach can tailor their programmes to better support you and your students’ needs, please feel free to get in touch with Lysea Munoz,

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