UPDATE: due to COVID-19 Alert levels we have decided to postpone this until Term 1 2022



While we continue to run our AMAonline sessions each term, nothing beats getting together face to face.  AMA are planning a Saturday morning session so we can gather in person.

  • When: Term 1 2022
  • Where: The University of Auckland,  Educational and Social Work Epsom Ave.
  • What: a presentation from Dr Lisa Darragh and a morning of maths related fun and games


Maths Games – for fun, for learning, or for something else?


Why do we play games during maths lessons? Is it so that our students will have fun? Or is it so that they might learn or practice some maths content? With any luck, it might even be both. There is another impact of the games we play during maths lessons – and in fact every kind of activity we select as part of the learning experiences. All games and activities give messages to the students about what mathematics is and who might be good at it. In this presentation I share a couple of very different games that might be played in the mathematics classroom and discuss how they construct particular notions of mathematics and define which type of person might be successful.


 Lisa Darragh is a senior lecturer at The University of Auckland.  The latest edition of the NZCER  SET journal contains an article titled, Playing maths games for positive learner identities by Lisa. Most schools subscribe to this journal. Check your staffroom for a hardcopy or maybe a digital copy through your school library.


Call for presenters to share 

Do you have a maths-related game that you enjoy playing, at home or in the classroom that you would like to share with others?  

ka rawe!, How would you like to contribute ? Would you like to …

  • Bring along a game that you play to introduce to a small group of people.
  • Presenting a full workshop on playing games in the classroom.
  • Come along and play the games and connect with your colleagues


We would love to hear from you click here to share and complete the form to tell us about the game/activity that you would like to share  and we will be in touch soon.

If you wish to just come along and take part we would love to hear from you also.  Click here to play This is especially important as we need to make sure we have enough kai  for everyone



Following Lisa’s talk we will spend time having fun playing maths related games and connecting over a cuppa and kai.




Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

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