Numeracy CAA materials from June

While we know that numeracy should fall out of a rich teaching and learning programme, it is always nice to see what the end goal looks like so pleasing to see the June CAA has been posted on the NCEA website along with the assessment report.
The assessment report highlights what those whom achieved could do and what needs to be strengthened for those that did not achieve.
We haven’t been given information relating to sufficiency but best guess is a spread across each of the processes.

The aggregated results for literacy and numeracy have also been shared. Just over 33000 students sat the June Numeracy Assessment. 70% of these students were in Year 10 and 56% achieved. We read these with some caution as many school are still exploring logistics around the CAA’s.
Informal conversations with students who did not achieve indicated they felt better for having a go and reckon that it is “doable for them next time”
Others felt a little overwhelmed and nervous about sitting this in June, highlighting the need for attending to “emotional readiness”

The CAA on the NCEA website has images redacted. You can view and download the unredacted version of the CAA’s through your secure NZQA login. If you do not have access to view assessment materials see your PN.

Student & kaiako access to the online platform

There are many aspects to ākonga readiness for CAA. One aspect is digital readiness. It is important for ākonga to practice answering questions using the digital platform.
This helps them get used to using pen, paper and their calculator as they answer the questions online. It can also help make them aware of where they might make silly mistakes as they work through the screens.

The September 2022 and June 2023 CAA’s (unredacted versions) are available under the past digital exam portal.
Enter Numeracy for the subject and choose Level 1.
Students can use their NSN number to login
Scroll to the bottom of the list of digital exams to find the CAA’s

Resource Spotlight : Strengthening numeracy across the curriculum

Support materials for Term 4 Teacher only days have been released. You can find them here.
Shared at that link is an activity guide which highlights where numeracy can be planned for or “called out” in the different learning areas [Pages 9-42].
The Numeracy Pedagogical guides and Numeracy Enhanced plans are also revisited in that guide.
We hope you find these resources useful as you strengthen numeracy practice across your school.

2024 dates

There will be 2 opportunities for our ākonga to sit their numeracy and literacy in 2024.
Term 2: 20 – 31 May
Term 3: 9 – 20 September

In 2025 there is likely to be a third assessment opportunity


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