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This terms AMAonline took place on Saturday with 217 teachers from across the country registering. Those that joined us  for the morning for treated to a fantastic array of ideas. If you registered and were called away then don’t worry the recordings are going online this week as they are processed. You can view them from the event page or the AMA YouTube channel, where you can also have a browse of last years sessions. Resources and links can be accessed from the event page

A huge thanks goes out to all he people that made this happen, AMA executive, the University of Auckland hosts and of course those who presented the sessions.

If you or your colleagues have something to share we would love to hear from you.




NCEA changes continue

This week from the Ministry we saw the new Level 3 and Level 3 proposed subjects announced. You can view the information and provide feedback at this link.

And view the full learning area document  here

The proposal suggests splitting Mathematics and statistics into two subjects at level 2 and a new Applied Mathematics subject at Level 3 that covers linear programming, networks, logic etc. See Page 32-34.

Also interesting on page 45 in the Technology learning area

The new Computational Thinking subject will provide an opportunity to strengthen pathways
into computer science study. We expect that it will have a strong relationship with the
Mathematics and Statistics learning area 



More on Numeracy & Literacy

Also released were the assessment specifications for the pilot of new standard along with sample  numeracy and literacy questions

View them here 



Other things




To help us build our knowledge of Matariki, Living by the Stars and CORE Education are co-hosting a live online event. Read their blog about Matariki and register for their Facebook live event on June 29
On the Cross strand page of nzmaths are Matariki themed units ready to be adapted for your context. There are units for Levels 1 to 4 of the curriculum.
Pip Arnold also shared on Saturday other ideas for levels one and two


Upcoming AMA Dates
  • Re-lighting the Algebra Fire [online]; July 8th. This is a follow up session to our  Algebra workshops in term 1. Checking in to see what you have started doing, stopped doing and planning to do, as well as shring more ideas to keep the algebra fire burning.
  • Being proportional [Face to Face at Kohia Centre] July 30.  A second workshop in the same vein as our term 1 making sense of algebra workshops this time looking at fractions, decimals, percentages, rates and ratios from level 3 to level 5.
  • AMAonline August 21 
  • Mathex August 25 & 26



Short Reads

An old blog post on asking better questions which ties in nicely with Julia’s session on Saturday about getting kids talking in class [about mathematics]

Asking better questions can open new doors for students, helping to promote mathematical thinking and encouraging classroom discourse
“It is not yet known how this disparity, or its long-term implications, can be prevented. Not every adolescent enjoys maths so we need to investigate possible alternatives, such as training in logic and reasoning that engage the same brain area as maths.”



Photo by Behnam Norouzi on Unsplash

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