AMA are aiming to support the maths teaching community in this challenging time with a youtube channel
The channel will serve many purposes in the future, but currently it is focussed on helping teachers learn and think about how they will implement distance learning. 

Our 2020 distance learning videos AMA playlist aims to curate a range of useful videos for Auckland maths teachers. In most cases the videos are: short, accessible and created by someone from the AMA community. We know you’ll appreciate Seeing Auckland teachers faces and hearing Auckland teachers voices. 

Have a look, subscribe to the channel and/or save the playlist.

Auckland schools are handling distance learning in a variety of ways: the tools used and the structure to adhere too. We aim to cover a range of useful topics and tools. 
Please let us know what you’d like videos on, or let us know if you’ve made a video that other teachers could learn from.

Kia kaha kaiako pāngarau.

Image Credit: Gerld Altmann

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